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At Tactics Digital YYC, we understand that the heart of any web application lies in its back end. That's why we offer expert back-end development services to businesses of all sizes in Calgary, Alberta, and beyond. Our team specializes in creating robust, secure, and scalable back-end solutions that ensure your web applications run smoothly and efficiently.

Improve User Experience Through Optimized Server-Side Performance and Responsiveness



Server-Side Scripting

We are proficient in server-side scripting languages, including Node.js, Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, and . NET. Server-side Scripting is crucial for the functionality of your website or application. It handles the logic behind user interactions, processes data, and generates appropriate responses.

Ideal for those who want to:

  • Develop advanced website functionality;
  • Generate dynamic content and seamless data processing.

Database Design and Management

We create efficient and scalable databases, ensuring quick and reliable data retrieval. Our team is skilled in working with various database systems, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and others.

Ideal for those who want to:

  • Store and manage their web application data;
  • Optimize their data management processes.

API Development and Integration

We develop custom APIs for your specific needs and can also integrate third-party APIs to enhance the functionality of your web application.

Ideal for those who want to:

  • Connect and integrate diverse systems seamlessly;
  • Enhance data accessibility.

Security Implementation

We work on implementing robust security measures such as data encryption, secure APIs, and secure server configuration. We follow best practices to protect your web application from potential threats.

Ideal for those who want to:

  • Safeguard their digital assets and sensitive information;
  • Mitigate cyber threats.

Performance Optimization

We monitor and optimize server performance, manage resource allocation, and implement caching strategies, among other techniques, to ensure your web application delivers a high-performance user experience.

Ideal for those who want to:

  • Maximize the speed efficiency of their applications;
  • Increase responsiveness on their systems.

Scalability Planning

We design the back end of your web application with scalability in mind, ensuring it can handle increased traffic and data over time without sacrificing performance or security.

Ideal for those who want to:

  • Ensure their systems handle growth seamlessly;
  • Increase their user demands.

Continuous Integration/​Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

We implement CI/CD practices for larger or more complex projects. This involves automating, integrating changes, and deploying the application, ensuring a faster, more reliable development process.

Ideal for those who want to:

  • Automate their software development;
  • Streamline their release processes.

Maintenance and Support

We offer ongoing maintenance and support services to keep your web application running smoothly after deployment. This includes regular updates, security patches, troubleshooting, and more.

Ideal for those who want to:

  • Ensure the smooth operation of their systems;
  • Certify the reliability of their systems.

Tools Used for Back-End Development


Our Back-End Development Stages


Requirement Gathering

Understanding your needs, goals, and expectations for the project. We ask about your business, your target audience, and the functionality you want your web application to have. This stage allows us to align our services with your vision and establish a solid foundation for the development process.


Planning and Designing the System Architecture

Planning and designing the system architecture. This includes deciding on the appropriate tech stack and database design and outlining how different application components will interact. We prioritize creating a system that's scalable, efficient, and secure.


Database Setup

Setting up the database structure based on the system architecture. This involves creating tables, defining relationships between them, and ensuring data can be stored and retrieved efficiently.


Coding and API Integration

Starting the coding process and implementing the necessary server-side logic. This stage involves setting up APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for different functionalities, whether custom-built by our team or third-party services that need to be integrated into the application.



Conducting thorough testing to ensure everything functions as expected. This includes unit testing, integration testing, and stress testing. We test all aspects of the back end, from database efficiency to API response times and security vulnerabilities. Any issues found are promptly fixed.



Initiating the deployment the functionality and security of the back end is checked and approved. We set up the server environment, deploy the back-end components, and ensure everything works correctly in the live environment.


Maintenance and Updates

Providing ongoing maintenance and updates to ensure the back end functions optimally and securely as your business needs evolve and new technologies emerge.


Our Back-End Development Service Packages

Basic Package

  • Requirement Gathering & Consultation
  • Basic Database Design & Setup
  • Server-Side Scripting
  • Basic API Integration
  • Basic Security Measures
  • Limited Support & Maintenance for Three Months

Advanced Package

  • Requirement Gathering & Consultation
  • Advanced Database Design & Management
  • Custom Server-Side Scripting
  • Advanced API Integration
  • Advanced Security Measures
  • Performance Optimization
  • Support and maintenance for Six months

Premium Package

  • Requirement Gathering & Consultation
  • Complex Database Design & Management
  • Custom Server-Side Scripting
  • Comprehensive API Integration
  • High-Level Security Measures
  • Performance Optimization
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Support & Maintenance for one year

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What Is Back-End Development?

Back-end development refers to the server-side development of web applications or websites. It focuses on how the site works, including its functionality and logic. This typically involves creating and managing databases, server scripting, and the site's architecture (how different components interact). In essence, back-end development collects, stores, and manipulates data, ensuring everything on the client side (front end) works.

What Technologies Do You Use in Back-End Development?

How Long Does It Typically Take To Develop the Back End of a Web Application?

How Do You Ensure the Security of the Back End?

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