On-page SEO

On-page SEO

At Tactics Digital YYC in Calgary, we offer comprehensive On-page SEO services to optimize your website's visibility and performance. Our tailored strategies focus on optimizing key on-page elements, such as content, meta tags, headings, and internal linking, on improving search engine rankings and driving organic traffic to your site. With our expertise and industry best practices, we'll help you achieve better online visibility and attract your target audience.

Unlock Your Website’s Potential With Effective On-Page Optimization!



Keyword Research and Optimization

We conduct thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for your business. By strategically incorporating these keywords into your website's content, meta tags, headings, and URLs, we improve your website's visibility in search results.

Content Optimization

Our experienced content writers and SEO specialists work together to optimize your website's content. We ensure your content is valuable, engaging, and properly structured, making it more appealing to search engines and users.

Meta Tag Optimization

We optimize your website's meta tags, including title tags and meta descriptions, to accurately represent your web pages' content and attract clicks from search engine users.

URL Structure Optimization

We optimize your website's URL structure to make it more user-friendly and search engine-friendly. A well-structured URL helps search engines understand your website's hierarchy and improves the user experience.

Image Optimization

We optimize your website's images by reducing their file size, adding relevant alt text, and optimizing image filenames. This ensures that your images contribute to your website's overall SEO and improve page loading speed.

Internal Linking

We implement strategic internal linking strategies to establish a logical and interconnected website structure. This helps search engines discover and index your web pages more efficiently.

User Experience (UX) Optimization

We focus on improving your website's user experience by enhancing page load speed, mobile responsiveness, and overall site navigation. A seamless user experience not only benefits your visitors but also signals search engines that your website provides value.

When Do You Need On-page SEO?

01Website Launch

As you unveil a new website, on-page SEO lays the foundation for its visibility in search engines. It helps your site be understood and favored by search algorithms, ensuring a strong digital debut.

02Content Overhaul

If you’re refreshing old content or adding new pages, on-page SEO is crucial for ensuring that your updated content ranks well and reaches your intended audience.

03Staying Competitive in Search Rankings

In a digital landscape where search rankings can make or break visibility, on-page SEO is your tool to outperform competitors by optimizing every element of your site for search engines.

04Improving User Experience

On-page SEO isn't just for search engines; it also enhances the user experience. A well-optimized page loads faster is easier to navigate, and provides clear value to visitors, which can improve conversions and keep users coming back.

05Targeting Specific Keywords

When your goal is to rank for specific keywords, on-page SEO tactics like keyword optimization in your titles, headings, and content can make your pages more relevant to those queries.

06After Algorithm Updates

Search engines frequently update their algorithms. After an update, it's wise to review and tweak your on-page SEO to align with the new ranking factors, ensuring your site maintains or improves its position in search results.


Tools Used For On-page SEO


Our On-page SEO Process

Keyword Research and Analysis: Identify relevant keywords and phrases for your target audience and industry

Content Optimization

Optimize your website's content to incorporate targeted keywords and provide valuable information to users.


Meta Tag Optimization

Optimize meta titles, descriptions, and other meta tags to improve search engine visibility and click-through rates.


URL Structure Optimization

Create user-friendly and search engine-friendly URLs for better indexing and user experience.


Internal Linking

Establish a strategic internal linking structure to guide users and search engine crawlers to relevant pages.


Heading Tags Optimization

Optimize heading tags (H1, H2, etc.) to structure content and highlight key information.


Image Optimization

Optimize images for faster loading speed, alt tags, and relevant filenames for better search engine visibility.


User Experience Optimization

Enhance website usability, navigation, and mobile responsiveness to improve user experience.


On-page SEO Packages

Basic Package

  • Keyword research
  • Content optimization for up to 10 pages
  • Meta tag optimization
  • URL structure optimization
  • Basic user experience optimization

Advanced Package

  • Comprehensive on-page SEO with in-depth keyword research
  • Content optimization for up to 20 pages
  • Advanced meta tag optimization
  • URL structure optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Heading tags optimization
  • Image optimization
  • User experience optimization

Custom Package

  • Advanced keyword research
  • Content optimization for unlimited pages
  • Extensive meta tag optimization
  • Advanced URL structure optimization
  • Comprehensive internal linking
  • Heading tags optimization
  • Image optimization
  • User experience optimization
  • Ongoing support


What Is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to optimizing various on-page elements of a website to improve its visibility and rankings in search engine results.

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What Are the Benefits of On-Page SEO?

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